2016-0417 Ribblehead

Thought I’d try my new old Nikon F6 film camera out with some Yorkshire Dales landscapes. I also thought I’d try some Ilford PanF 50 asa film for the fine grain. Fantastic tonality. Really like the results. There are some Ilford Delta 100 below too. Happy with those too. The Ribblehead viaduct, streams and sweeping landscapes of the area make terrific black and white subjects.

N003L-3 N006L-2 N008L-3 N009L-2 N010L-2 N011L N012L-3 N013L-2 N017L N020L-2 N001L-2-2 N003L-2-2 N004L-2-2 N007L-2 N012L-2-2 N014L-3 N018L-3 N004L-2-3 N009L-2-3 N011L-2-2 N012L-2-3 N012L-2-4 sheep1 signpost 1 Bridge1 Viaduct1

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