2016-0403 Blackpool before dark…

Thought I’d have a go at street photography using a film camera again. This time a Nikon F100 and Ilford HP5 400 ASA film. Rather like the results! Killed me waiting for the scans to come back though! The 1999 Nikon F100 goes up to 1/8000 s so it was much easier than the 1981 Olympus OM2n I used previously that can manage 1/1000 s.  I could set the f stop I needed and let the wide speed range get the exposure right. A little tweak in Photoshop and voila!

N008L N012L N007L (2) N011L (2) N005L (2) N018L N017L N013L-2 N002L

N001L (2)

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