2016-0321 Scott Kelby – The Stuff They Don’t Tell You

Scott spoke at the 2016 Photography Show in the NEC in the UK and was awesome!

Scott is an internationally respected Photoshop pundit, publisher and trainer who is as skilled at image capture as he is at image editing. He’s the editor and publisher of Photoshop User magazine and Light It magazine and Conference Technical Chair for the Photoshop World Conference and Expo, so what he doesn’t know about image editing isn’t worth knowing. Scott is also a keen portrait, travel and sports photographer, so make sure you come along to hear him share his thoughts on Photoshop and image making in general”

The presentation was titled “The Stuff They Don’t Tell You” and with the aid of many illustrative images shared some relevant wisdom he has amassed over the years:

  • Stop asking for all the tech info (exif data) as if reproducing the settings will reproduce the picture. It won’t! It was right for that time and place!
  • Stop looking at the histogram!
  • exif and histogram are mathematical reasons why the photo looks like it does. Not reasons why its good!
  • Shoot better quality subjects!
  • Shoot with creative – difference between to identical setting hamburger shots was food stylist.
  • Shooting photogenic people isn’t easier the results are just better!
  • Already have the skills to to shoot well; just beautiful people shoot better!
  • Shoot interesting people
  • Not about the lighting – its the moments between the poses; guard is down and more relaxed
  • Talk to the subjects – engage them
  • Secret to good images is sharp -not a new lens!
  • Sharp settings for Standard; 120, 1, 3
  • Sharp settings for Headshots 90, 1.5, 0
  • Sharp settings for on-line 85, 1, 2
  • Lightroom general sharpening pre-sets are very good
  • Its OK to crop! In camera or post
  • There’s craft in a good crop – all the famous people did it / do it
  • Stop apologising for getting lucky
  • Want to have more impact shoot wide angle
  • Want to have more impact in Facebook? Shoot landscape format – double the image area – Facebook punishes portrait.
  • Stop overthinking or over analysing everything
  • There isn’t a correct exposure
  • Noise is only noticed by photographers…
  • Noise reductions blurs – pics need to be sharp
  • Want to go pro? Dream! Develop your own look. Its not gear its composition and lighting. Be consistent. See http://www.reginapaglesphotography.com/
  • Create epicness – go wide, shoot wide – create a big sense of space; cinematic
  • Every amateur shoots at eye level standing – get high, get low, get in, get back. Shoot different
  • Unlock the power of the print; give prints – more engaging
  • Backup! 60% of people don’t!
  • Set portfolio wide format
  • Make the most of 2016 – get comfortable with Apertures, Shutter speeds and ISO
  • Make the most of 2016 – get comfortable with just one flash
  • Invest in images (creative, locations) rather than gear
  • Relax – photography is about the journey


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