2016-0315 Photoshop

Alyssa and Laura shared some tips on editing (entertained us with a double act) with Camera Raw and Photoshop; no right or wrong way! Whatever works!

  • Dodge (lighten) eyes for example
  • Burn (darken)
  • Clarity 10-20 preferable than sharpening
  • Vibrance – intensity and punch
  • Saturation – more neon
  • Straighten – on a vertical wherever possible
  • Lens correction – use to manage distortion
  • White balance – adjust to taste
  • Tone curve; a discussion about modifying highlights and shadows by dragging curve. Also achievable using sliders
  • More important to get highlights right in camera; once detail is lost can’t be recovered. Shadow detail can be.

All done as an entertaining double act – Laura on the computer projected onto the whiteboard and Alyssa drawing on the whiteboard to emphasise the controls and effects. Sometimes leading, sometimes lagging. Most times in perfect unison – not! Funniest thing to watch! The result – a projected image of Adobe Camera Raw with scribbles all over it! Very artistic!

Then it was picturing time to get some images to practise blending modes with… quite why anyone would want to blend ‘Aliens in underpants save the world’ with a stairwell is lost on me but each to his own! Hey-ho!   DC7_6937DC7_6951DC7_6937-Edit2

DC7_6966 DC7_6960 DC7_6959 DC7_6956  DC7_6950 DC7_6948 DC7_6945 DC7_6943 DC7_6941

Oh and one I couldn’t resist…

Schindler’s lift…

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