2016-0305 What have you done to me?

Alyssa, Laura and my fellow student chums, what have you done to me?

I spent my Saturday looking at Photography books in Waterstones ‘library’ followed by shooting ‘Street’ on a 35mm film camera!

Photography Books; for the first time I recognise more than a few Masters of photography and I spent an hour just page turning…

DSCF7599 DSCF7598  DSCF7596 DSCF7595 DSCF7594 DSCF7593 DSCF7591 DSCF7590 DSCF7589 DSCF7588 DSCF7587 DSCF7586 DSCF7585 DSCF7584 DSCF7583 DSCF7582 DSCF7581 DSCF7580 DSCF7579

To be continued…………Street on Film

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