2016-0215 MINI BRIEF 2 pt 2 Project Proposal

Task 1 – Project Proposal:

Professional application of the photography to be undertaken

Broaden my portfolio with adjacency and relevance to my existing work. Provide images for my portfolio, models portfolios and MUA/stylist portfolio. Provide images for my websites, models webpages and MUA/stylist web pages.

I also intend to shoot black and white film in a studio; thereby developing experience and confidence using such media without the immediate feedback of a digital camera and correspondingly being totally reliant on and expertise in using a light meter.

Demonstrate an ability to project manage all the elements of a studio fashion shoot; a given scope and expected outcome delivered to a schedule, to a budget, to a high standard whilst managing the associated risks.

Reasons for selection of theme (including inspiration from the work of others)

I have chosen to do Portraiture Photography / Beauty / Head shots theme, with a retro twist. Whilst I was chatting on-line with a model and she mentioned getting her hair cut and to call her ‘Audrey’! I suddenly realised she had more than a passing resemblance to Audrey Hepburn… and so a seed of an idea was planted. A quick message exchange asked the model if she was interested in a Hepburn styled shoot resulted in a ‘Hell yeah I do!’ response! Game on!


A quick internet search found the following… they are all of Audrey Hepburn, obviously, but from different photographers. I looked at over a hundred on-line pictures and saved them to a reference folder in Lightroom. The style was largely consistent and of the era.

03-_audrey_hepburn 55900_odri-xepbern_or_audrey-hepburn_1600x1200_www-gdefon-ru

Bandphoto / uppa.co.uk. LIMP BIZKIT CONCERT FRED DURST lead singer of American Nu-Metal band Limp Bizkit performing at their London concert in Finsbury Park. Ref: B135_083719_0009 Date: 06.09.2003 COMPULSORY CREDIT: Bandphoto/ uppa.co.uk

1152631630_1024x768_audrey-hepburn Annex%20-%20Hepburn,%20Audrey_004

Audrey Hepburn Hollywood actress. Ref:PHPS055406 Date:01.03.1959 COMPULSORY CREDIT: Uppa.co.uk

Annex%20-%20Hepburn,%20Audrey%20(Funny%20Face)_11 Audrey Hepburn 7 audrey hepburn 30 Audrey_Hepburn_02 Audrey-audrey-hepburn-7952585-935-1280 Audrey-audrey-hepburn-9463504-784-1011

I also bought a book of portraits of Hepburn – Audrey Hepburn Portraits of an Icon to study her head-shots. They were taken by 6 pages of photographers acording to the picture credits; Beauchamp, Hardy, McBean, Parkinson, Penn, Avedon, Beaton to name a few! All the greats of the day. The reference photos and the book gave me more an enough to work off. I down selected 30 or so and printed them onto an A3 sheet for use as reference at the shoot.Hepburn

Unfortunately, although the creative team were all up for it, shooting in New York or Rome wasn’t gonna happen so we opted to set up a studio in my home! I did turn the heating up to Mediterranean temperature though!

Shoot Plan

Who involved: Francesca Matthews Wharton (Model); Karolina Kutyla (MUA); Ian Walker (Photographer). As the shoot was inspired by a model with the right ‘look’ and a petite frame selection was predetermined. Model release researched and prepared

What concept; Audrey Hepburn inspired portrait shoot. In a studio, recreating 50s/60s lighting, headshots of the era, black and white and shoot 35mm film. I had never tried to recreate an era based style, so this predetermined approach was akin to receiving a client brief. This necessitated style research.

When: 24th March 2016

Where; I looked into using the college studio but that didn’t work out and a studio I normally frequent was booked so I opted to use a home studio – my dining room turned into a studio by clearing the space and hanging a white paper roll backdrop. As these were headshots the set-up was simple and the space more than adequate.

Risk assessment

reference what is the hazard? who might be harmed & how? what is the mitigation? who actions the mitigation? mitigate by when?
01 Burn all warn of hot lights; let cool before touching Ian Walker 24/03/2016
02 electric shock all switch off all unwanted power sockets; tidy cables Ian Walker 24/03/2016
03 electric shock all inspect all cables and studio head for damage; ensure current PAT test Ian Walker 24/03/2016
04 electric shock all inspect all cables and hair dryer / straightner for damage; ensure current PAT test Ian Walker 24/03/2016
05 equipment tip over all Ensure lighting stands are stable; use counter balance or sandbag to stabilise Ian Walker 24/03/2016
06 health all ensure no team member suffers from epilepsy (flash triggered) Ian Walker 24/03/2016
07 poor visibility all keep house lights bright enough to see hazards Ian Walker 24/03/2016
08 slips from spills all no drinks (or food) in the studio; separate area fro refreshments Ian Walker 24/03/2016
09 slips from spills Give plenty of space for make up area Ian Walker 24/03/2016
10 Trip all Tidy cables Ian Walker 24/03/2016
11 Trip all tape edges of background paper to floor Ian Walker 24/03/2016
12 trips all keep allocated walking areas free from obstruction Ian Walker 24/03/2016


Planning time hourly rate – 2hrs @ £x/hr 2
MUA/Stylist hourly rate – 4hrs @ £x/hr 4
Styling clothes budget – £x £0.00 £0.00
Model hourly rate – 4hrs @ £x/hr 4
Studio 4
Mileage per mile – 30mls @ IR rates 40p/mile = £12 30
Car parking – 4hrs @ £x/hr 4
Photographer shoot hourly rate – 4hrs @ £x/hr 4
Equipment (photographic and computing) depreciation and overheads per hour – 8hrs @ £x/hr 4
35mm film, developing and scanning – £10 1 £15.00 £15.00
Post edit hourly rate – 4hrs @ £x/hr 4

What Equipment; I will use both full frame digital SLR camera and B&W 35mm SLR film camera. The former allows speed, flexibility and assurance in shooting and post production. The latter will recreate the challenge of shooting but not having immediate qualitative feedback. Much the same as photographers of the age experienced.

The Ilford film I will use is Ilford Delta 100. “For sharpness and freedom from grain, ILFORD DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL is simply the best in its class – offering the photographer exceptionally fine grain and a level of sharpness rarely seen, resulting in outstanding clarity of detail and the most precise image rendition. Capable of superb image quality at its recommended rating of ISO 100/21, this film will also produce great results rated between ISO 50 and 200.”

Processing and scanning will done by a 3rd party. I selected Snaps Photo Services who process and scan 26Mb TIFF files for about £10 / roll…


I have used Snaps Photo Services in the past for and found the quality and turn round time more than acceptable.

What Lighting; A big challenge of re-creating the look is the lighting. I did look on-line for lighting tutorials but these concentrated on the earlier 30s / 40s stunning George Hurrell lighting rather that the recreation of 50s / 60s studio lighting.

As a consequence after a bit of close examination, experimentation is required for risk reduction. The lighting used on a number of Hepburn’s classic portraits is fascinating! Close examination of the catch lights in her eyes indicate three lights were used from the front. A key light front and centre – butterfly lighting and two lights pointing to each side of the face to soften the lighting/contrast on the cheeks. These catch lights are quite small and indicative of small 7″ reflectors rather than a beauty dish or soft box; and some distance away!

There is also a hair light above and behind the head. Again this looks like a small 7″ reflector or barn doors semi-closed to control the light spill.

Finally the background is usually high key but with some light patterning rather than flat white. I make that 6 lights in all…all spot on and balanced.

Not difficult! Not difficult at all! Eeek!


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