2016-0215 MINI BRIEF 2 pt 3 Shoot and Evaluation

Task 2 – Photographic Shoot:

Audrey Hepburn inspired portrait shoot. In a studio, recreating 50s/60s lighting, headshots of the era, black and white and shoot 35mm film. I had never tried to recreate an era based style, so this predetermined approach was akin to receiving a client brief. This necessitated style research.

Shoot evaluation

Equipment: The actual equipment I used include – Nikon D3x (digital camera), Nikon F5 (35mm film camera), reflectors, studio flash. I shot in RAW for maximum image quality and post processing flexibility and the Ilford film I used was Ilford Delta 100.

I used portrait orientated lenses, 70-200mm and 105mm macro for close in shots. The embedded file date indicates they were shot at between 90 and 200mm; mostly 150-160mm mainly f8 to f9 (nice depth of field with both eyes in focus) and some at a much shallower depth of focus f4.

Who involved: Francesca Matthews Wharton (Model); Karolina Kutyla (MUA); Ian Walker (Photographer). As the shoot was inspired by a model with the right ‘look’ with a petite frame selection was predetermined.

Model release form signed and available on request

Styling; we sourced a black dress in the style Audrey Hepburn wore, pearl like bead necklace, hats, long black gloves and a long cigarette holder all evocative of the Hepburn style and the era.

Studio and set-up; I opted to use a home studio – my dining room turned into a studio by clearing the space and hanging a white paper roll backdrop. As these were headshots the set-up was simple.

Lighting  after experimentation beforehand I opted to use was a small 40cm (white) beauty dish and a 75cm white reflector. Softer than a small and silver reflector and more flattering. It would also illuminate the beautiful bone structure and contour the face. The light was set up in a classic butterfly configuration – above her and pointing at her from an angle of 45 degrees. This gave strong shadows under the chin so I used the reflector to fill those in; a clamshell lighting set up. Also by rotating her in relation to the light and changing shooting angle we were able to experiment with broad and short lighting.

I also took a few pictures using just the modelling light and wide aperture on both digital and film to see how those would turn out.

Risk As the shoot was at home the environmental / external risks were minimized, there were facilities on hand and including Easter chocolate… and because of the simple set-up the improvised studio was free of clutter and trip hazards. The paper edges were taped down and the cables draped out of the way. Plus  gear could be laid out and easy to hand.

reference what is the hazard? who might be harmed & how? what is the mitigation? who actions the mitigation? mitigate by when?
01 Burn all warn of hot lights; let cool before touching Ian Walker 24/03/2016
02 electric shock all switch off all unwanted power sockets; tidy cables Ian Walker 24/03/2016
03 electric shock all inspect all cables and studio head for damage; ensure current PAT test Ian Walker 24/03/2016
04 electric shock all inspect all cables and hair dryer / straightner for damage; ensure current PAT test Ian Walker 24/03/2016
05 equipment tip over all Ensure lighting stands are stable; use counter balance or sandbag to stabilise Ian Walker 24/03/2016
06 health all ensure no team member suffers from epilepsy (flash triggered) Ian Walker 24/03/2016
07 poor visibility all keep house lights bright enough to see hazards Ian Walker 24/03/2016
08 slips from spills all no drinks (or food) in the studio; separate area fro refreshments Ian Walker 24/03/2016
09 slips from spills Give plenty of space for make up area Ian Walker 24/03/2016
10 Trip all Tidy cables Ian Walker 24/03/2016
11 Trip all tape edges of background paper to floor Ian Walker 24/03/2016
12 trips all keep allocated walking areas free from obstruction Ian Walker 24/03/2016

Monitoring progress Being near my computer I was able to sneak a download to check results and I deemed the light too high – the catch lights were partially hidden by her (huge!) eyelashes so I moved it during the shoot. Originally we used a chair but swopped to a stool as that gave more freedom of movement.

Image management; as soon as the shoot finished I downloaded the RAW images, importing them via Lightroom. I ran my backup programme to duplicate and make a third copy to an external hard drive that I rotate monthly with one held off-site. As this is college work I also synchronized the files to my MacBook. Once I’d checked all were stored and backed up I formatted the cards in the camera.Post processing I did a basic edit – consistent white balance and consistent exposure and black and white treatment and put them on-line where the creative could access – I have found quick feedback builds confidence and a feeling of a job well done. “Contact sheet (pics straight out of camera) is here https://ianwalkerphotography.wordpress.com/2016/02/15/2016-0410-assignment-exploring-a-photographic-theme-photographic-shoot-1-draft/ very pleased. I will do more editing and select the best ones.” The first comment back… “wow and wow again love these so much xxx” It also gives me their view of the pics they like which is good feedback and collaboration.

The model reposted her favourite pic and was extremely pleased to get 117 loves in 5hrs and got the following comments

these are amazing

Well done both of you! It’s gorgeous!

Simply stunning xx

Love all the pictures

For the Ilford Delta 100 I sent the film for processing and scanning by Snaps Photo Services who process and scan 26Mb TIFF files for about £10 / roll. I have used Snaps Photo Services in the past for and found the quality and turn round time more than acceptable.

The film is returned with a CD containing the scans as TIFF files. again I imported them via Lightroom. I ran my backup programme to duplicate and make a third copy to an external hard drive that I rotate monthly with one held off-site. As this is college work I also synchronized the files to my MacBook. Once I’d checked all were stored and backed up I filed the CDs.

Post processing I did a basic edit – as can be seen in the following screenshot all that was necessary was an exposure adjustment and increase in contrast to get the look I wanted. The other film pics were similar requiring minor highlight, shadows, whites and blacks tone adjustment and s little contrast to give the pictures ‘punch’.


For the final ’10’ I exported to and edited in Photoshop to tidy up the images; remove minor skin marks, stray hairs, a minute clump of mascara, dust on the glasses and a stray thread on the dress. I didn’t see any of those on the back of the camera at the time of shooting. However, if I had opted for tethered shooting I’d have spotted them and saved myself some post-production effort.

Lessons learnt; The decision to use D3x cameras for this shoot was correct because the D800 resolution, file sizes and consequential demands on lenses, camera technique and post-processing is onerous  and for final image size/use the increased resolution simply isn’t necessary. Once again I have found that the sweet spot of resolution for the photography I do is around 24Mpixels; as per the D3x.

What will I do differently next time; I will try tethered shooting so I can see the images as they’re being shot so it is easier to see the flaws and decide what corrections to make during the shoot.

Contact Sheet – Film

N001L-2 N002L N002L-2 N003L N003L-2 N004L N004L-2 N005L N005L-2 N006L N006L-2 N007L N007L-2 N008L N008L-2 N009L N009L-2 N010L N010L-2 N011L N011L-2 N012L N012L-2 N013L N013L-2 N014L N014L-2 N015L N015L-2 N016L N016L-2 N017L N018L N019L N020L N021L

One digital image I particularly like – whether it will make it into the final selection we’ll see!

Contact Sheet – Digital

_D3X8692 _D3X8692-2 _D3X8693 _D3X8693-2 _D3X8694 _D3X8694-2 _D3X8695 _D3X8695-2 _D3X8696 _D3X8696-2 _D3X8697 _D3X8697-2 _D3X8697-Edit _D3X8697-Edit-2 _D3X8697-Edit-Edit _D3X8697-Edit-Edit-2 _D3X8697-Edit-Edit-Edit _D3X8697-Edit-Edit-Edit-2 _D3X8698 _D3X8698-2 _D3X8699 _D3X8699-2 _D3X8700 _D3X8700-2 _D3X8701 _D3X8701-2 _D3X8702 _D3X8702-2 _D3X8703 _D3X8703-2 _D3X8704 _D3X8704-2 _D3X8705 _D3X8705-2 _D3X8706 _D3X8706-2 _D3X8707 _D3X8707-2 _D3X8708 _D3X8708-2 _D3X8709 _D3X8709-2 _D3X8710 _D3X8710-2 _D3X8711 _D3X8711-2 _D3X8712 _D3X8712-2 _D3X8713 _D3X8713-2 _D3X8714 _D3X8714-2 _D3X8715 _D3X8715-2 _D3X8716 _D3X8716-2 _D3X8717 _D3X8717-2 _D3X8718 _D3X8718-2 _D3X8719 _D3X8719-2 _D3X8720 _D3X8720-2 _D3X8721 _D3X8721-2 _D3X8722 _D3X8722-2 _D3X8723 _D3X8723-2 _D3X8724 _D3X8724-2 _D3X8725 _D3X8725-2 _D3X8726 _D3X8726-2 _D3X8728 _D3X8728-2 _D3X8729 _D3X8729-2 _D3X8730 _D3X8730-2 _D3X8731 _D3X8731-2 _D3X8732 _D3X8732-2 _D3X8733 _D3X8734 _D3X8734-2 _D3X8735 _D3X8735-2 _D3X8736 _D3X8736-2 _D3X8737 _D3X8737-2 _D3X8738 _D3X8738-2 _D3X8739 _D3X8739-2 _D3X8740 _D3X8740-2 _D3X8741 _D3X8741-2 _D3X8742 _D3X8742-2 _D3X8743 _D3X8743-2 _D3X8744 _D3X8744-2 _D3X8745 _D3X8745-2 _D3X8746 _D3X8746-2 _D3X8747 _D3X8747-2 _D3X8748 _D3X8748-2 _D3X8749 _D3X8750 _D3X8750-2 _D3X8751 _D3X8751-2 _D3X8752 _D3X8752-2 _D3X8753 _D3X8753-2 _D3X8754 _D3X8754-2 _D3X8755 _D3X8755-2 _D3X8756 _D3X8756-2 _D3X8757 _D3X8757-2 _D3X8758 _D3X8758-2 _D3X8759 _D3X8759-2 _D3X8760 _D3X8760-2 _D3X8761 _D3X8761-2 _D3X8762 _D3X8762-2 _D3X8763 _D3X8763-2 _D3X8764 _D3X8764-2 _D3X8765 _D3X8765-2 _D3X8766 _D3X8766-2 _D3X8767 _D3X8767-2 _D3X8768 _D3X8768-2 _D3X8769 _D3X8769-2 _D3X8770 _D3X8770-2 _D3X8771 _D3X8771-2 _D3X8772 _D3X8772-2 _D3X8773 _D3X8773-2 _D3X8774 _D3X8774-2 _D3X8775 _D3X8775-2 _D3X8776 _D3X8776-2 _D3X8777 _D3X8777-2 _D3X8778 _D3X8778-2 _D3X8779 _D3X8779-2 _D3X8780 _D3X8780-2 _D3X8781 _D3X8781-2 _D3X8782 _D3X8782-2 _D3X8783 _D3X8783-2 _D3X8784 _D3X8784-2 _D3X8785 _D3X8785-2 _D3X8786 _D3X8786-2 _D3X8787 _D3X8787-2 _D3X8788 _D3X8788-2 _D3X8789 _D3X8789-2 _D3X8790 _D3X8790-2 _D3X8791 _D3X8791-2 _D3X8792 _D3X8792-2 _D3X8793 _D3X8793-2 _D3X8794 _D3X8794-2 _D3X8795 _D3X8795-2 _D3X8796 _D3X8796-2 _D3X8797 _D3X8797-2 _D3X8798 _D3X8798-2 _D3X8799 _D3X8799-2 _D3X8800 _D3X8800-2 _D3X8801 _D3X8801-2 _D3X8802 _D3X8802-2 _D3X8803 _D3X8803-2 _D3X8804 _D3X8804-2 _D3X8805 _D3X8805-2 _D3X8806 _D3X8806-2 _D3X8807 _D3X8807-2 _D3X8808 _D3X8808-2 _D3X8809 _D3X8809-2 _D3X8810 _D3X8810-2 _D3X8811 _D3X8811-2 _D3X8812 _D3X8812-2 _D3X8813 _D3X8813-2 _D3X8814 _D3X8814-2 _D3X8815 _D3X8815-2 _D3X8816 _D3X8816-2 _D3X8817 _D3X8817-2 _D3X8818 _D3X8818-2 _D3X8819 _D3X8819-2 _D3X8820 _D3X8820-2 _D3X8821 _D3X8821-2 _D3X8822 _D3X8822-2 _D3X8823 _D3X8823-2 _D3X8824 _D3X8824-2 _D3X8825 _D3X8825-2 _D3X8826 _D3X8826-2

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