2015-1220 MINI BRIEF 1 pt 4 Shoot 2 and Evaluation

Task 2 – Photographic Shoots:

The basic structure for your photographic shoots should be as follows:

  • Shoot plan: Where are you going? What will you take? What do you hope to achieve?
  • Contact sheet: A full contact sheet of images from the shoot.
  • Evaluation of shoot: A short evaluation of the shoot. How well did it go? What didn’t work? What will you improve on next time?
  • 2-3 of your best images: Upload larger versions of your best images from the shoot.

Repeat this as necessary, a minimum of 3 shoots is expected.

Shoot Plan 2

Who involved; Sylwia Gucwa (Model); Helen Draper (MUA/Stylist); Ian Walker (Photographer), Adriana Mitrus (Model / second shooter) and June Mackey Utting second shooters.

Model release researched and prepared

What concept – Helmut Newton inspired fashion shoot

How / what equipment; I will use both full frame digital SLR camera and B&W 35mm SLR film camera. The former allows speed, flexibility and assurance in shooting and post production. The latter will recreate the challenge of shooting but not having immediate qualitative feedback. Much the same as Newton experienced.

In the first shoot I found the D800 performance was something of a hindrance in workflow! I decided to use D3x cameras for the second shoot – the D800 resolution, file sizes and consequential demands on lenses, camera technique and post-processing is onerous and in this scenario and for final image size/use the increased resolution simply isn’t necessary. In fact I have found using a range of full frame cameras that the sweet spot of resolution for the photography I do is around 24Mpixels; as per the D3x.

The actual equipment I will use include – Nikon D3x (digital camera), Nikon F5 (35mm film camera), tripod, reflectors, portable flash. I shot in RAW for maximum image quality and post processing flexibility and the Ilford film I used was

HP5 (400ASA) “High speed for fast action and available light photography” and Delta 400.


Ilford’s website markets the Delta emulsion as follows:

“A ISO 400 high speed film giving images with extraordinary depth and dimension, DELTA 400 PROFESSIONAL provides an almost unrivalled combination of speed and sharpness with a width of tonal range that retains subtlety and detail. The liberating speed of DELTA 400 PROFESSIONAL allows fast action to be frozen, great depth of field, excellent results in low lighting conditions, the freedom of a handheld camera and yet still provides the fine grain and level of detail normally associated with ISO 100 films.”

However, on-line forums seem to indicate Ilford Delta films are somewhat clinical and lack the character of the older Ilford FP4, HP5 emulsions. Although the conditions are different, using the modern Delta emulsion will allow some degree of comparison in the field and allow future media choice based on a personal understanding of actual, personal, results.

Processing and scanning was be done by http://www.snapsphotoservices.com/ourshop/prod_1977906-35mm-BLACK-WHITE-FILM-PROCESS-AND-259mb-TIFF-FILM-SCAN.html

I also used wider lenses, 24-50mm, than I normally do and shoot lower angles to convey a sense of space, elegance, elongation and dominance by the models.

What cost vs budget (rate details redacted – available on request)

Qty Rate Cost
Equipment / Overheads (£150pd) 4 £20.00 £80.00
Creatives – MUA/Stylist 4
Styling budget 0 £0.00 £0.00
Studio 0 £0.00 £0.00
Creatives – Model 4
Creatives – Photographer (Planning) 2
Creatives – Photographer (Shoot) 4
Creatives – Photographer (Post) 4
Mileage per mile – @ IR rates 40p/mile 15 £0.40 £7.50
Consumables 2 £15.00 £30.00

Where; Blackpool Lancashire

When; Planned for 21st February but rescheduled to 28th February

Tide Times for the original day of the shoot – the high tide will be at 10:15 thus plan was to shoot on high prom first descending to lower flood defences as the tide recedes.

Weather prediction for the day of the original shoot date was as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 18.57.25

Clearly, not conditions conducive to generating decent images – rain, wind and low temperatures. As a consequence I contacted the model and MUA and offered alternatives; “Hello, the weather forecast for Sunday isn’t looking good 4 degrees and 60% chance of rain and windy. We should have shot during this week!! Anyway, the options are either postpone, meet up anyway and sort styling and see how the weather actually is on the day and shoot or not shoot. What are your thoughts?”

The model replied;

“I think it might be a waste of money on both accounts if I drive up and it rains but I’m easy i will if you want to. I don’t mind postponing tho”

Clearly a model of the professional kind! We agreed to postpone in the hope of better weather.

Tracking the weather indicated the possibility of a shoot the following weekend. Unfortunately the model originally booked was unavailable. However the model originally booked for the first shoot was. So, in view of the need to generate images for the project, the decision was made to go ahead on 28th February. A decision made easier because this model was already up to speed with the shoot concept, styling and wardrobe requirements.

When; Rescheduled to 28th February 2016

Tide Times for the day of the shoot – the high tide will be at 14:00 thus shoot on lower flood defences first  moving onto the promenade as the tide rises.

The rescheduled date forecast was much better


Risk Management; see risk assessment in proposal

Evaluation of shoot

Creative team performance; achievement of vision I decided on using a model I knew from my studio work – a tall elegant model that can create striking shapes. I also decided to use a MUA/Stylist I have used extensively and trust in her work and creativity. I also offered a second shooter opportunity to a developing photographer to help her portfolio and experience location work and also provide another pair of eyes – creatively and importantly keep an eye on what was going on around us. Lastly I offered a professional family photographer that I shoot often with the opportunity to get some different work for her portfolio.

Styling differences were resolved before the first shoot so wasn’t an issue other than limitation of outfits – resolved by asking everyone to bring everything black and white! As a result we had a wide choice of outfits to compliment the theme.

Model release signed – (details withheld – available on request)

Equipment taken on location was, D3x, F5, 24-70, 35, 50, 85mm, SB900 speed light and  light meter. Clean equipment and charge/spare batteries.

I didn’t use the 50, 85mm lenses – they weren’t appropriate for the artistic intention once in the location. The 35mm lens I had on the F5 film camera was too tight for the location, as can be seen in the images and I ended up swopping to the 24-70 from the digital camera. I didn’t want to be swopping lenses in the sandy windy conditions but needs must!

I used the on camera flash for this shoot and it worked well, illuminating backlit scenes and reducing harsh contrast. I had it set on TTL fill-in mode – a setting I had found works really well in practicing for the shoot. However, on the day the flash was working repeatedly and flat out and overheated on several occasions! At least I know what ‘overheat’ warning sounds like now! Giving the flash a few moments to cool was all it needed.

Using the modern Delta film emulsion has allowed some degree of comparison in the field and allow future media choice based on a personal understanding of actual, personal, results in my workflow. In practice the difference between the older HP5 emulsion and Delta 400 is negligible and the marginal extra cost of the film not worth it.

Image management; as soon as the shoot finished I downloaded the RAW images, importing them via Lightroom. I ran my backup programme to duplicate and make a third copy to an external hard drive that I rotate monthly with one held off-site. As this is college work I also synchronized the files to my MacBook. Once I’d checked all were stored and backed up I formatted the cards in the camera.

I did a basic edit – consistent white balance and consistent exposure and black and white treatment and put them on-line where the creative could access – I have found quick feedback builds confidence and a feeling of a job well done.

Post processing  as can be seen in the following screenshot I created a black and white conversion, exposure adjustment and increase in contrast to get the look I wanted. I increased the blue of the sky to darken it and used Photoshop for a touch of liquefy.


simple black and white conversion…


Using the color sliders I was able to darken the sky creating a more dramatic look.



Film pics required minor highlight, shadows, whites and blacks tone adjustment and a little contrast to give the pictures ‘punch’.

For the final ’10’ I exported to and edited in Photoshop to tidy up the and finish to pictures to a high standard.

Lessons learnt; The decision to use D3x cameras for the second shoot was correct because the D800 resolution, file sizes and consequential demands on lenses, camera technique and post-processing was onerous for the first shoot and in this scenario and for final image size/use the increased resolution simply isn’t necessary. Once again I have found that the sweet spot of resolution for the photography I do is around 24Mpixels; as per the D3x.

The shoot timing was much better this time! I planned a much earlier start and keeps to schedule; the actual pics were shot between 1300 and 1515 and the first shot was 1/500s and last shot was 1/800s both at f5.6 with ISO400. Although the lighting fluctuated it was not a problem with only 10% of the pics with shutter speeds less than 1/250s.

I set out to;

  • Broaden my portfolio with adjacency and relevance to my existing work.
  • Provide images for my portfolio, models portfolios and MUA/stylist portfolio
  • Provide images for my websites, models webpages and MUA/stylist web pages.”

I have done all that through this shoot!

The pictures have been viewed 25896 times by 13/03. They  are driving traffic to my pages and blog although For one site visitors are photographers! Not bad to be recognised by fellow photographers though! The pictures are getting ‘liked’ on Facebook and models website with comments such as


Nicely done!


love these!


thats really good!

I was extremely pleased with my choice of models, especially as she was a stand in and we are already looking to shoot again together. All’s well that ends well!

In addition, despite late cancellation creative team performed well such that the vision was achieved. I have demonstrated an ability to project manage all the elements of a location fashion shoot; a given scope and expected outcome delivered to a schedule, to a budget, to a high standard whilst managing the associated risks.

A good result!

Best images – film


Contact sheet – film (not all images taken)

Best images – digital


Contact sheet – digital (not all images taken)

_D3X6152 _D3X6151 _D3X6150 _D3X6149 _D3X6148 _D3X6147 _D3X6146 _D3X6145 _D3X6144 _D3X6143 _D3X6142 _D3X6141 _D3X6140 _D3X6139 _D3X6138 _D3X6137 _D3X6136 _D3X6135 _D3X6134 _D3X6133 _D3X6132 _D3X6131 _D3X6130 _D3X6129 _D3X6128 _D3X6127 _D3X6126 _D3X6125 _D3X6124 _D3X6123 _D3X6122 _D3X6121 _D3X6120 _D3X6119 _D3X6118 _D3X6117 _D3X6116 _D3X6115 _D3X6114 _D3X6113 _D3X6112 _D3X6065 _D3X6064 _D3X6063 _D3X6062 _D3X6061 _D3X6060 _D3X6059 _D3X6058 _D3X6057 _D3X6056 _D3X6055 _D3X6036 _D3X6035 _D3X6034 _D3X6033 _D3X6032 _D3X6031 _D3X6030 _D3X6029 _D3X6028 _D3X6027 _D3X6026 _D3X6025 _D3X6024 _D3X6023 _D3X6022 _D3X6021 _D3X6020 _D3X6019 _D3X6018 _D3X6017 _D3X6016 _D3X6015 _D3X6014 _D3X6013 _D3X6012 _D3X6011 _D3X6010 _D3X6009 _D3X6008 _D3X6007 _D3X6006 _D3X6005 _D3X6004 _D3X6003 _D3X6002 _D3X6001 _D3X6000 _D3X5989 _D3X5988 _D3X5987 _D3X5986 _D3X5985 _D3X5984 _D3X5978 _D3X5977 _D3X5976 _D3X5975 _D3X5974 _D3X5973 _D3X5972 _D3X5971 _D3X5970 _D3X5969 _D3X5968 _D3X5967 _D3X5966 _D3X5965 _D3X5964 _D3X5963 _D3X5962 _D3X5961 _D3X5960 _D3X5959 _D3X5958 _D3X5957 _D3X5956 _D3X5955 _D3X5954 _D3X5953 _D3X5952 _D3X5951 _D3X5950 _D3X5949 _D3X5948 _D3X5947 _D3X5946 _D3X5945 _D3X5944 _D3X5943 _D3X5942 _D3X5941 _D3X5940 _D3X5939 _D3X5938 _D3X5937 _D3X5936 _D3X5935 _D3X5934 _D3X5933 _D3X5932 _D3X5931 _D3X5930 _D3X5929 _D3X5928 _D3X5927 _D3X5926 _D3X5925 _D3X5924 _D3X5923 _D3X5922 _D3X5921 _D3X5920 _D3X5919 _D3X5918 _D3X5917 _D3X5916 _D3X5915 _D3X5914 _D3X5913 _D3X5912 _D3X5911 _D3X5910 _D3X5909 _D3X5908 _D3X5907 _D3X5906 _D3X5905 _D3X5904 _D3X5903 _D3X5902 _D3X5901 _D3X5900 _D3X5899 _D3X5898 _D3X5897 _D3X5896 _D3X5895 _D3X5894 _D3X5893 _D3X5892 _D3X5891 _D3X5890 _D3X5889 _D3X5822 _D3X5821 _D3X5820 _D3X5819 _D3X5818 _D3X5817 _D3X5816 _D3X5815 _D3X5814 _D3X5813 _D3X5812 _D3X5811 _D3X5810 _D3X5809 _D3X5808 _D3X5807 _D3X5806 _D3X5805 _D3X5804 _D3X5798 _D3X5797 _D3X5796 _D3X5795 _D3X5794 _D3X5793 _D3X5792 _D3X5791 _D3X5790 _D3X5789 _D3X5788 _D3X5787 _D3X5786 _D3X5785 _D3X5784 _D3X5783 _D3X5782 _D3X5781 _D3X5780 _D3X5779 _D3X5778 _D3X5777 _D3X5776 _D3X5775 _D3X5774 _D3X5729 _D3X5728 _D3X5727 _D3X5726 _D3X5725 _D3X5724 _D3X5723 _D3X5722 _D3X5721 _D3X5720 _D3X5719 _D3X5718 _D3X5717 _D3X5716 _D3X5715 _D3X5714 _D3X5713 _D3X5712 _D3X5711 _D3X5710 _D3X5709 _D3X5708 _D3X5707 _D3X5706 _D3X5705 _D3X5704 _D3X5703 _D3X5702 _D3X5700 _D3X5699 _D3X5698 _D3X5697 _D3X5696 _D3X5695 _D3X5694 _D3X5693 _D3X5692 _D3X5691 _D3X5690 _D3X5689 _D3X5688 _D3X5687 _D3X5686 _D3X5685 _D3X5684 _D3X5683 _D3X5682 _D3X5681 _D3X5680 _D3X5679 _D3X5678 _D3X5677 _D3X5676 _D3X5675 _D3X5674 _D3X5673 _D3X5672 _D3X5671 _D3X5670 _D3X5668 _D3X5667 _D3X5666 _D3X5665 _D3X5663 _D3X5662 _D3X5661 _D3X5660 _D3X5659 _D3X5658 _D3X5657 _D3X5656

And finally – everyone in the styling department at Walker Towers… Milo liked the idea of Black and White, especially white, just like him, but thought the models would look dapper with tight curly hair! Just like him!

DSCF7566 DSCF7567

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