2015-1220 MINI BRIEF 1 pt 3 Shoot 1 and Evaluation

Task 2 – Photographic Shoots:

The basic structure for your photographic shoots should be as follows:

  • Shoot plan: Where are you going? What will you take? What do you hope to achieve?
  • Contact sheet: A full contact sheet of images from the shoot.
  • Evaluation of shoot: A short evaluation of the shoot. How well did it go? What didn’t work? What will you improve on next time?
  • 2-3 of your best images: Upload larger versions of your best images from the shoot.

Repeat this as necessary, a minimum of 3 shoots is expected.

Shoot Plan 1

Who involved; Kyra Elton (Model); Helen Draper (MUA/Stylist); Ian Walker (Photographer) and June Mackey Utting second shooter / observer.


Model release researched and prepared

What concept – Helmut Newton inspired fashion shoot

How / what equipment; full frame digital SLR camera and B&W 35mm SLR film cameras. The former allows speed, flexibility and assurance in shooting and post production. The latter will recreate the challenge of shooting but not having immediate qualitative feedback. Much the same as Newton experienced.

The actual equipment included – Nikon D800 (digital camera), Nikon F5 (35mm film camera), tripod, reflectors, portable flash. I shot in RAW for maximum image quality and post processing flexibility and the Ilford film selected is HP5 (400ASA) “High speed for fast action and available light photography”

Processing and scanning will be done by http://www.snapsphotoservices.com/ourshop/prod_1977906-35mm-BLACK-WHITE-FILM-PROCESS-AND-259mb-TIFF-FILM-SCAN.html

The lenses, 24-70mm, are wider than I normally use and the plan is to shoot lower angles to convey a sense of space, elegance, elongation and dominance by the models.

What budget;  (rate details redacted – available on request)

Qty Rate Cost
Equipment / Overheads (£150pd) 4 £20.00 £80
Creatives – MUA/Stylist 4
Styling budget 0 £0.00 £0.00
Studio 0 £0.00 £0.00
Creatives – Model 4
Creatives – Photographer (Planning) 2
Creatives – Photographer (Shoot) 4
Creatives – Photographer (Post) 4
Mileage per mile – @ IR rates 40p/mile 30 £0.40 £12.00
Consumables (B&W film and processing) 1 £15.00 £15.00

Where; Cleveleys Lancashire

When; Planned for 24th January but rescheduled to 23rd January 2016

Tide Times for 23rd January (high tide on 24th was about 11:28)

Low Tide 04:44 (1.48m)
High Tide 10:28 (8.64m)
Low Tide 17:16 (1.20m)
High Tide 22:50 (8.61m)

Timing; planned for 10:00 – 14:00 but rescheduled to 1200-1600 with shooting c1330-1530.

Risk Management; see risk assessment in proposal

Evaluation of shoot

I decided on using a model I knew from my studio work – a tall elegant model that can create striking shapes. I also decided to use a MUA/Stylist I have used extensively and trust in her work and creativity. I also offered a second shooter opportunity to a developing photographer to help her portfolio and experience location work and also provide another pair of eyes – creatively and importantly keep an eye on what was going on around us.

It took a while to agree the styling, particularly the outfits – how close to Newton’s work will we go? Essentially where on the continuum between copying and inspiration. Once that was agreed we were on a roll until the original model pulled out on the Tuesday when the shoot was on the Sunday.

That cancellation with very little time to re-plan left a major dilemma; reschedule or find another model! Rescheduling was a problem due to other work commitments well into March so I looked on Purple Port (a popular model, photographer, creative website that I’m a member of) and found a new model, Kyra Elton, that was everything I was looking for- tall, elegant, strong pose shapes and local too! A very professional and prompt message exchange followed and after diary co-ordination with the team we ended up planning the shoot for the Saturday.

Model release signed – (details withheld – available on request)

Equipment taken on location – D800, F5, 24-70, 35, 50, 85mm, SB900 speed light, portable studio light, white umbrella, light meter, spare D800 and tripod. Cleaned equipment and charged/spare batteries.

I didn’t use the 50, 85mm or the SB900 speed light. The portable studio light, white umbrella and tripod were left in the car. The 50mm and 85mm lenses weren’t appropriate for the artistic intention once in the location and although the light was failing the flash might  overwhelm with harsh shadows and as for the studio flash it was too windy and immobile. On reflection I should have tried speed-light ‘balanced fill-in flash’ but I’m not confident in using speed-lights in that way. Therefore, I will practice before the second shoot.

Equipment performance was something of a hindrance in workflow! I have decided to use D3x cameras for the second shoot – the D800 resolution, file sizes and consequential demands on lenses, camera technique and post-processing is onerous and in this scenario and for final image size/use the increased resolution simply isn’t necessary.

Image management; as soon as the shoot finished I downloaded the RAW images, importing them via Lightroom. I ran my backup programme to duplicate and make a third copy to an external hard drive that I rotate monthly with one held off-site. As this is college work I also synchronized the files to my MacBook. Once I’d checked all were stored and backed up I formatted the cards in the camera.

I did a basic edit – consistent white balance and consistent exposure and black and white treatment and put them on-line where the creative could access – I have found quick feedback builds confidence and a feeling of a job well done.

Post processing as can be seen in the following screenshot all that was necessary was a black and white conversion, exposure adjustment and increase in contrast to get the look I wanted. Film pics required minor highlight, shadows, whites and blacks tone adjustment and a little contrast to give the pictures ‘punch’.


For the final ’10’ I exported to and edited in Photoshop to tidy up the and finish to pictures to a high standard.

Lessons Learnt One consequence of having to reschedule due to model changes was that the shoot timing was compromised. The original timing was 0930-1330 but the revised time due to availability was 12:15 -16:15 with the pictures being taken from  14:26-15:46 (with dusk at 16:33). Thus, from the start, the shoot was compromised and consequently felt rushed.

The lesson learnt is the need to start shooting earlier – from 10:00 through to 14:00 for the best winter light. At 400 ISO and f8 the shutter speed ranged from 1/800s at the beginning of the shoot down to 1/13s towards the end as the light failed; a six-stop difference. I could have gone down to f.5.6 but didn’t want to go lower for lens sharpness and depth of field reasons or I could raise the ISO but that would increase grain and noise. The failing light also reduced the contrast in the shots.

Overall the main issue compromising the shoot was a need for better lighting;  either ambient by starting earlier or fill-in which I need to become proficient before the next shoot.

Another issue was that the weather was cold, too cold for the model and although we used coat to keep her warm between sets we needed to work fast and with genuine empathy..

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 20.24.10

I set out to;

  • Broaden my portfolio with adjacency and relevance to my existing work.
  • Provide images for my portfolio, models portfolios and MUA/stylist portfolio
  • Provide images for my websites, models webpages and MUA/stylist web pages.”

I have done all that through this shoot!

The pictures have been viewed 13,000 times by 26/02. They  are driving traffic to my pages although For one site visitors are photographers! Not bad to be recognised by fellow photographers though! The pictures are getting ‘liked’ on Facebook and ‘loved’ on the model’s page on Purple Port and getting comments such as

..classy work indeed..

Superb fashion

Loving this

Love this series of pics

These are fabulous!

and from the model herself – I love them! I think they look so much like the inspo photos you showed me, I’m so glad. The images look so elegant and crisp, how fabulous. They’re such great photos, I love them!

I was extremely pleased with my choice of model, especially as she was a stand in and we are already looking to shoot again together. All’s well that ends well!

In addition, despite late cancellation creative team performed well such that the vision was achieved. I have demonstrated an ability to project manage all the elements of a location fashion shoot; a given scope and expected outcome delivered to a schedule, to a budget, to a high standard whilst managing the associated risks.

A good result!

And a final lesson… don’t shoot on location in an exposed area, in the North-West of the UK, in winter! And have back-up plans for everything!

Best 5 images – film

N016L N009L N021L N020L N012L-2

I have selected these 5 images because they evoke the look and feel of Helmut Newton’s work. The black and white rendition, the strong poses interacting and contrasting with the built environment and the softness, grain and graduation of 400ISO film so reminiscent of his work.

Best images – digital

DC8_0450 DC8_0498 DC8_0516 DC8_0557-Edit DC8_0580 DC8_0585 DC8_0602 DC8_0620

I have selected these 8 images because they evoke the look and feel of Helmut Newton’s work. The black and white rendition, the strong poses interacting and contrasting with the built environment. There is an element of additional interest – the people, seagull and the dog too. I have edited them using light room to emulate his work.

Contact sheet – digital

DC8_0422 DC8_0423 DC8_0424 DC8_0425 DC8_0426 DC8_0427 DC8_0428 DC8_0429 DC8_0430 DC8_0431 DC8_0432 DC8_0433 DC8_0434 DC8_0435 DC8_0436 DC8_0437 DC8_0441 DC8_0442 DC8_0443 DC8_0444 DC8_0445 DC8_0446 DC8_0447 DC8_0448 DC8_0449 DC8_0450 DC8_0451 DC8_0452 DC8_0453 DC8_0454 DC8_0455 DC8_0456 DC8_0457 DC8_0458 DC8_0459 DC8_0460 DC8_0461 DC8_0462 DC8_0463 DC8_0464 DC8_0465 DC8_0466 DC8_0467 DC8_0468 DC8_0469 DC8_0470 DC8_0471 DC8_0472 DC8_0473 DC8_0474 DC8_0475 DC8_0476 DC8_0497 DC8_0498 DC8_0499 DC8_0500 DC8_0501 DC8_0502 DC8_0503 DC8_0504 DC8_0505 DC8_0506 DC8_0507 DC8_0508 DC8_0509 DC8_0510 DC8_0511 DC8_0512 DC8_0513 DC8_0514 DC8_0515 DC8_0516 DC8_0517 DC8_0518 DC8_0519 DC8_0520 DC8_0521 DC8_0522 DC8_0523 DC8_0524 DC8_0525 DC8_0526 DC8_0527 DC8_0528 DC8_0529 DC8_0530 DC8_0531 DC8_0532 DC8_0533 DC8_0534 DC8_0535 DC8_0536 DC8_0537 DC8_0538 DC8_0539 DC8_0540 DC8_0541 DC8_0542 DC8_0543 DC8_0544 DC8_0545 DC8_0546 DC8_0547 DC8_0548 DC8_0549 DC8_0550 DC8_0551 DC8_0552 DC8_0553 DC8_0554 DC8_0555 DC8_0556 DC8_0557-Edit DC8_0557 DC8_0558 DC8_0559 DC8_0560 DC8_0561 DC8_0562 DC8_0563 DC8_0564 DC8_0565 DC8_0566 DC8_0567 DC8_0568 DC8_0569 DC8_0570 DC8_0571 DC8_0572 DC8_0573 DC8_0574 DC8_0575 DC8_0576 DC8_0577 DC8_0578 DC8_0579 DC8_0580 DC8_0581 DC8_0582 DC8_0583 DC8_0584 DC8_0585 DC8_0586 DC8_0587 DC8_0588 DC8_0589 DC8_0591 DC8_0597 DC8_0598 DC8_0600 DC8_0601 DC8_0602 DC8_0605 DC8_0606 DC8_0610 DC8_0611 DC8_0613 DC8_0614 DC8_0616 DC8_0617 DC8_0618 DC8_0619 DC8_0620 DC8_3761

Contact sheet – film

N001L-2 N001L N002L-2 N002L N003L-2 N003L N004L-2 N004L N005L-2 N005L N006L-2 N006L N007L-2 N007L N008L-2 N008L N009L N010L N011L-2 N011L N012L-2 N013L-2 N013L N014L-2 N014L N015L-2 N015L N016L-2 N016L N017L N018L N019L N020L N021L

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