2015-1214 Reflections

This week Alyssa took us through some famous photographers work to inspire the Exploring a Photographic Theme Assignment. We reviewed the weird pictures of Gregory Crewdson. Imagery that wouldn’t look out of place in Fargo. Claire and I spotted spooky reflections so when it came to ‘get your camera out time’ we blagged our way into the dance studio and had a play! Not a very good one but we had fun!

_DC76738 _DC76739 _DC76740-Edit _DC76740 _DC76741 _DC76742 _DC76743 _DC76744 _DC76745 _DC76746 _DC76747 _DC76748 _DC76749 _DC76750-Edit _DC76750 _DC76751

Overlaying an image with the figure over one without in Photoshop allowed the top layer to be reduced in opacity resulting in a ghostly figure! That was the idea anyway! Upon reviewing Claire’s images Alyssa couldn’t work out which was more disturbing; ghostly figures or me modelling… You’ll have to ask Claire to see those!

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