2015-1117 Studio Still Life

Supposed to take in something interesting from home for a still life but promptly forgot! Anyway, that aside, it was more fun than I expected! The ever resourceful group had all sort of things from backdrops to old cameras. From flowers to meringue – fab! We used the modelling lamp from the studio flashes so I needed high ISO 6400 to get 1/125 f5.6 – for steady hand holding and reasonable depth of field. The white balance was ‘warm’ from the tungsten light compared to flash and the fluorescent tubes in the studio were on too so I used a grey card to get the white balance right and copied the white balance setting to the rest of the pictures.

Saved again by my picturing chums!

Lots of inspiration for the long winter nights!

DC7_6621 DC7_6622 DC7_6623 DC7_6624 DC7_6625 DC7_6626 DC7_6627 DC7_6628 DC7_6629 DC7_6630 DC7_6631 DC7_6632 DC7_6633 DC7_6634 DC7_6635 DC7_6636 DC7_6637 DC7_6638 DC7_6639 DC7_6640 DC7_6641 DC7_6642 DC7_6643 DC7_6644 DC7_6645 DC7_6646 DC7_6647 DC7_6648 DC7_6649 DC7_6650 DC7_6651 DC7_6652 DC7_6653 DC7_6654 DC7_6655 DC7_6656 DC7_6657 DC7_6658 DC7_6659 DC7_6660 DC7_6661 DC7_6662 DC7_6663 DC7_6664 DC7_6665 DC7_6666 DC7_6667 DC7_6668 DC7_6669 DC7_6670 DC7_6671 DC7_6672 DC7_6673 DC7_6674 DC7_6675 DC7_6676 DC7_6677 DC7_6678 DC7_6679 DC7_6680 DC7_6681 DC7_6682 DC7_6683 DC7_6684 DC7_6685 DC7_6686 DC7_6687 DC7_6688 DC7_6689 DC7_6690 DC7_6691 DC7_6692


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