2015-1110 Studio Portraiture

Whahay! It’s studio night this week at college. Model and MUA included. Didn’t like the lighting setup at first (low softbox sidelight giving broad or narrow lighting depending on model/camera position) so changed it to classic clamshell albeit laid on the floor (soft box placed central and above head with reflector under the chin to fill in the shadows). I didn’t have a light meter with me so I adjusted the aperture/exposure using the histogram and monitor on the camera. I am quite happy with the results…. _DC76603-Edit-Edit-Edit


Contact sheet…

_DC76594 _DC76595 _DC76596 _DC76597 _DC76598 _DC76599 _DC76600 _DC76601 _DC76602 _DC76603 _DC76604 _DC76605 _DC76606 _DC76607 _DC76608 _DC76609 _DC76610 _DC76611 _DC76612 _DC76613 _DC76614 _DC76615 _DC76616

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