2015-1014 BLACKPOOL at night-time Assignment – Final images

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My favourite image is ‘Take Me Out”. The juxtaposition of the concept of the show – to compete for a grand night out – with the tackiness of a horse drawn fairy-tale princess carriage. The whole concept so  indicative of Blackpool’s superficial tackiness.


Level 3 City and Guilds Digital Image Capture – Unit 305 Photo Image Capture

Assignment Title – Blackpool Induction Brief

Task 1 – Complete a Risk Assessment

For the first part of this brief, you must conduct a risk assessment of your trip to Blackpool. First, you should discuss what the general health and safety issues could be in relation to a photographic shoot. You need to decide what type of photography you wish to pursue in Blackpool and then evaluate the precautions you need to take whilst photographing on the night.

Outcome – A full risk assessment in a table and uploaded onto your website; see below.

Classroom review 06/10/15


The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) identifies the legal obligations on employers and employees to ensure the workplace is safe by ensuring employers and employees and those self employed take responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of everyone at work.

Whilst photography may be considered by some to be relatively safe occupation health and safety risks do exist, must be assessed and mitigated such that the residual risks are reduced to a reasonable level.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, (“HSE”), the employer has overall responsibility for:

1 Preventing accidents and cases of work related ill health by managing the health and safety risks in the workplace

2 – Providing clear instructions and information and adequate training, to ensure employees are competent to do their work

3 – Engaging and consulting with employees on day-to-day health and safety conditions

4 – Implementing emergency procedures

5 – Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment, providing and maintaining plant, equipment and machinery and ensuring safe storage and use of substances

In short, minimising to a reasonable level, the risks to self and others from activities to be undertaken.

General Health and Safety issues pertaining to a Photographic Shoot

According to Elysian Thoughts[1] the generic risks relevant to a location based photographic shoot are:

1 – All photographers should ensure they have public liability insurance in case of accidents/injuries etc

2 – Make sure the car being used is insured for business use

3 – As mentioned earlier, contracts should be in place and signed by the customer

4 – Get the necessary permission for access and using particular area

5 – Risk assess the are where photography will be taking place

6 – Check for signage in place or fire precautions

7 – Ensure all involved in the shoot is aware of any concerns regarding health and safety

8 – Check all equipment is safe and fit for purpose to bring out on location

9 – Make sure anyone using the equipments are trained to use them safely

Thus equipment should be fit for purpose and in serviceable condition, everyone involved should be trained, aware of the risks and mitigation.

Health and safety starts by identifying what can harm what people in the work context, properly evaluating and documenting the the risks, closing down the mitigation actions in good time and regularly reviewing and identifying emergent risks as a normal part of activity.

Shoot Strategy

The shoot strategy is to take a set of pictures depicting Blackpool at night during the illuminations. I have two alternatives. Firstly, shoot the illuminations from the beach, looking up towards the promenade. Whist this strategy alleviates trip and obstruction hazards it introduces other considerations regarding seawater level and tide times. The second and preferred alternative is to shoot the temporary illuminations as reflections in the windows of the permanent, all-year round amusement arcades. The temporary reflected in the permanent. The risk assessment is focussed on this shoot strategy.

Risk Assessment

The attached risk assessment uses the recommended format downloadable from http://www.hse.gov.uk/risk/risk-assessment-and-policy-template.doc The risk assessment process requires identification of risks and consequences, identification of mitigation actions owned by named personnel and time-bound.

The main areas of risk for the specific location shoot are injury resulting from trip hazard from obstructions in low lighting conditions, general poor visibility, personal safety and the close proximity to moving traffic.


Completing the identified risk assessment has identified the risks, identified reasonable mitigation activity and therefore reduced the risks of a location shoot in Blackpool to an acceptable level.

[1] www.elysian-photography.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/unit-23-photographic-media-health-&-safety accessed 29/09/15

Formal Risk Assessment

reference what is the hazard? who might be harmed & how? what is the mitigation? who actions the mitigation? mitigate by when?
01 Trip over tripod Public Be aware of it is a criminal offence to obstruct free passage and ensure free passage is maintained. Be vigilant for pedestrians likely to trip over tripod. Apply reflective material to tripod. Consider using monopod Ian Walker 14/10/15
02 Trip over equipment bag Public Be aware of it is a criminal offence to obstruct free passage and ensure free passage is maintained. Be vigilant for pedestrians likely to trip over equipment bag. Apply reflective material to bag. Consider using photographers vest to hold equipment. Ian Walker 14/10/15
03 Obstruction of walkway Public Be aware of it is a criminal offence to obstruct free passage and ensure free passage is maintained at all times. Ian Walker 14/10/15
04 Flash blinding Public Dont use flash – shoot using ambient light at high ISO’s Ian Walker 14/10/15
05 Attempted robbery Self Minimise equipment. Be vigilant. Do not leave equipment/bag on floor or take eye of equipment/bag. Consider using photography vest to hold equipment. Carry personal alarm to raise alarm. Ian Walker 14/10/15
06 Abuse or attack Self Be sure of photographer rights in respect of taking pictures in a public space, harassment and privacy. Be prepared to delete images to diffuse situation. carry personal alarm to raise alarm. Ian Walker 14/10/15
07 Moving vehicles on the roads Self Take extra care in or avoid close proximity to moving vehicles. Use reflective clothing Ian Walker 14/10/15
08 Moving trams on the tracks Self Take extra care in or avoid close proximity to moving vehicles. Use reflective clothing Ian Walker 14/10/15
09 Poor visibility due to low light levels or bad weather Public Use reflective clothing Ian Walker 14/10/15
10 Inclement weather Self wear suitable clothing and protect equipment Ian Walker 14/10/15
11 Poor visibility due to low light levels or bad weather Self Use torch to aid visibility Ian Walker 14/10/15
12 Inability to summon help Self Ensure mobile phone is charged Ian Walker 14/10/15


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