2015-0930 Night-time practice shoot 3 – the wine helped

The light-trails shot at college were a bit crap and a short time later I found myself in Spain with my wife and another couple. Several bottles of (one-euro) wine well after the sun had gone down led to a ‘lightbulb’ moment (see what I did there) and cue some larking around with a torch. The results are somewhat better. The moral of the story is that being drunk makes better pictures but crying with laughter as the images emerged was the best bit! My favourite? The selfie …

DC8_8540 DC8_8541 DC8_8542 DC8_8543 DC8_8544 DC8_8545 DC8_8546 DC8_8547 DC8_8548 DC8_8549 DC8_8550 DC8_8551 DC8_8552 DC8_8553 DC8_8554 DC8_8555 DC8_8556 DC8_8561 DC8_8562 DC8_8563 DC8_8564 DC8_8565 DC8_8567

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