2015-0926 Night-time practice shoot 1

Getting a bit more serious now! The first assignment will be a night-time shoot in Blackpool. The lights are on the weather is looking good. So, this week we need to go and practice shooting at night. Where to go? Preston? Lytham? St Anne’s? I settled on Preston Docks that’ll do! Plenty of material there and easy to get to and park. Not so easy to take pics though. Anyway, I found an interest in ‘reflections’ that would come in useful later. Oh, don’t get to close to the Jaguar cars at the dealership when it’s closed… they don’t like it…

DC8_2526 DC8_2527 DC8_2528 DC8_2529 DC8_2530 DC8_2531 DC8_2532 DC8_2533 DC8_2534 DC8_2538 DC8_2539 DC8_2540 DC8_2541 DC8_2542 DC8_2543 DC8_2544 DC8_2545 DC8_2546 DC8_2547 DC8_2548 DC8_2549 DC8_2550 DC8_2551 DC8_2552 DC8_2553 DC8_2554 DC8_2555 DC8_2556 DC8_2557

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